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A Program to Calculate the sum of Two Numbers - By Dennis Evans Gaya (S.No: 13082154)

Project Description
Dennis Gaya - University of Hertfordshire
This ASP.NET Project was created as a Class Assignment for the University of Hertfordshire MSc Computer Science program. It consists of a Program that Accepts two Numbers and displays their sum. The program includes two main files, Default.aspx and About.aspx. Default.aspx consists of controls to allow a user to enter a sequence of two numbers and calculate their sum. A user enters two numbers in the text-boxes presented and clicks on the 'Calculate Sum!' button. The program calculates the sum of the two numbers and displays a summary of the solution. The program validates user input in two ways.

  1. Only Numbers are allowed - No strings
  2. No Blank or Null Inputs are allowed.

The Program also includes a summary page (About.aspx) that displays information about the Author and functionality.

Summary of Program Features

  • Validation of User Input to Ensure that Only Numbers are Entered.
  • Input Validation to Ensure No Blank (Null) Inputs are Submitted.
  • A Text Summary of the Inputs supplied by the user and of the Calculation done by the Program.
  • Customized css Stylesheet

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